I have paid the price for ignoring the math. I was considering making a whole new lace wrap for Al’s wedding, but thought to myself, “Self, that’s silly. You have a lace shawl in progress that only needs the border. That will be so much quicker!” I ignored the math. Never ignore the math.

The proposed Alpine Lace Shawl: 121 stitches x 400 rows = 48400 stitches approx.
Mediterranean Lace Shawl Border (not the whole shawl, just the outer stinkin’ four inches… stupid stupid 2mm needles): 1600 stitches (on average) x 50 rows = 80000 stitches approx.

I have five knit rows and one crochet row left. Then I need to wash it, block it, and let it dry.** On the other hand, I could make the needed alterations to my dress*, pack, do the necessary cleaning so our house doesn’t get colonized by slime molds in our absence, do laundry, do my weekly conference call with Bangalore,*** run a few errands, get a haircut and oh, maybe, eat and sleep.


* Not a big deal; just shortening the shoulder straps slightly.

** The blocking is why I wanted to finish it before I leave; blocking is easier with equipment (wires, hundreds of pins) that I'm not going to schlep on an international flight

*** Not optional, unfortunately, though I might be able to knit for some of it…


  1. Carl said...

    Mmm slime molds.  

  2. Allan S said...

    Wow I feel like I am making you work.  


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