Kissing a sunset pig

Since we moved here, my health has been declining. Happily, I've been spared allergies (amazing, considering that something or another is in bloom constantly here) but I've been gaining weight, losing what little muscle tone I had, and feeling correspondingly sluggish and blah. My work and hobbies are all sedentary, I walk a lot less, and there's a lot of good things to eat.

So just now, I took the bull by the horns with both hands, or something, and in one swell foop I have made a doctor's appointment, signed up for a yoga class, and signed up for an ATS class.*

I am mentioning this only because when I tell people I'm going to do something, I tend to take it far more seriously than when I just say to myself "yeah, I should do that sometime." So I am shamelessly using y'all as a self-motivator, and whenever I am tempted to skip a class or eat poorly, I shall picture each and every one of you looking at me with big puppy-like eyes and saying, in chorus, "but you promised!" Hope you don't mind.**

* Not the FCBD one in the link; that's up in San Francisco and while the one class I attended with Dancin' Cicada Jen was great, it's too much of a schlep to do once a week. This is the one closest to me, and it's actually really close to me by California standards.

** In some cases, for me this will probably result in a fit of the giggles, and in the case of others will probably result in screaming "You're not the boss of me!" but in the main, I think it will work.


  1. Carl Norum said...

    There is some kind of a dance centre on Murphy St in downtown sunnyvale, next door to Dishdash, IIRC.  

  2. cenobyte said...

    Am I in the fit of giggles or run screaming category?

    'Cause, you know, either works for me.

    I've decided to take up running. Not *from* things or *to* things; just in general. I even bought shoes. Yup. Every day, I look outside at the beautiful, flat, and well-maintained roads around my house, and I think, "Someday, I'm really going to enjoy running there, and then I will be fit and have more energy, and won't die quivering like Jell-O in a hospital bed every time I breathe, wearing two sheets tied together at the shoulders, and using 'mah reachin' broom' ('a wash mahself with a rag onna stick...' thank you, Simpsons)."

    So I know what you mean about the monitor thing. I *have* used those shoes, though. I started walking lots shortly before The Nipper was conceived. Uh. I *did* walk back, obviously. Coincidentally enough, I also started swimming again just before The Captain was conceived.


  3. Amy said...

    Carl: Yep, I've only looked in the windows of that place (very odd hours!) but as far as I could tell that's a supply/costume place. And it looked like it was "Cabaret" style (skimpier, sparklier outfits, solo choreography) instead of "Tribal" style (more folkloric looking outfits, improvised group dancing) which is what I like.

    Cenobyte: "Rag onna stick." Heh. Good on you for the running! It's too hard on my poor knees and ankles. I had hopes for biking, but that doesn't happen regularly enough to be really useful (I get home around dusk most weeknights, and weekends have turned into our shopping-and-errand-running days). As far as the exercise=children hypothesis, I suppose that the sheet muumuu and "reachin' broom" situation pretty much guarantees *no* children, so you might actually have a point... hmmm...  

  4. rilla said...

    I'm imagining myself with a bag of chips, a bag of nibs and a 2 litre of pop, sitting on a couch -- your couch -- watching television on a perfectly fine sunny day looking at you with big puppy-like eyes and saying, "but you promised!"

    I never considered myself a motivator for physical activity. Movies and junkfood, any day, exercise is a new one for me.

    Maybe you should imagine me in a different way to motivate yourself.

    (what is with that pig, eh?)  

  5. Alan said...

    Ha! You want to use others, well prepare to be used in return! If you can sign up for yoga, I can return to it as well. There. I've said it. Done.

    On another note, I went ahead and did what we were planning to do together but which you backed out of doing.  

  6. Amy said...

    Rilla: I *am* the sunset pig!
    (And the wonderful thing about having an overdeveloped guilt gland is that it doesn't matter at all what *you* are doing or not doing, what matters is what *I* said I'd do.)

    Alan: Not only do I feel guilty for backing out of something I said I'd do, I feel awful for not even remembering what it was. Care to enlighten me?  

  7. carla said...

    Get him to send you a picture, Amy - words just don't do it justice :)

    In fact - I will take the picture.  

  8. Amy said...

    Ooooh, ooh, ooooooh... does this involve heads and clippers without guards?  

  9. Allan S. said...

    Puppy dog eyes 8)

    I have stated to dance in the mornings just to get some cardio in. It is helping.  

  10. carla said...

    hey amy, I took that picture - check out my blog :)  


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