It's too darn hot

(I think I'll ride this "song lyric as blog entry title" wave all the way to the beach...)

It is stinkin' stinkin' hot. Low to mid 40s (Celsius, of course). A couple of days ago, I saw a squirrel in the neighbours' yard just lying on a deck railing, belly flat to the wood and paws and tail dangling. I know how it felt.

And of course all the sogginess from the wet spring briefly turned into humidity, and now is just gone. Plants are crispy. A highway was closed a few days ago because of a grass fire; and this is in the middle of one of the most urbanized areas I've ever lived in.

I still have no air conditioning in my car.

Some interesting links:

How to Blog - I disagree with almost all of these to some degree.
Principles of the American Cargo Cult - I agree with all of these (um, I mean I believe that most Americans believe these things at a deep level, and that these misbeliefs constantly underlie bad arguments in public debate. Not that I believe in these items as such)
Superdickery - An oldie but a goodie.

Oh, and yoga is harder than it looks.


  1. Carl Norum said...

    I love hot.  


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