I had to double check, ‘cause it’s hard to believe, but today is the one year anniversary of this blog. Which means we’ve been in California for a year and a half. Wow. We still have those little moving stickers on half our stuff.

So I’m still having Doubts about the yoga. I didn’t get a chance to ask the instructor what was up with the bouncing; she was surrounded by a gaggle after class and I wanted to go home. The instructor seems like a wonderful person, don’t get me wrong, but I have items of concern.

  1. Everyone talks. A lot. The first forty five minutes of the class is like a church social. The instructor spent ten minutes in a monologue about how there was a mouse in her fridge and her cat refused to chase it (all the while in the Butterfly position bouncing her knees up and down while pressing down on them.)
  2. The instructor thinks your solar plexus is three inches below your navel, which is wrong both according to Western and Eastern terminology.*
  3. The instructor apparently has four buttocks. At least, she keeps saying things like “Put your right hand under your right buttocks.”**
  4. The instructor described at length a salad a student had brought her, saying how delicious the aloe was and how aloe is so good for you, and it’s no wonder aloe tastes so good seeing as how good it is for healing and burns, ignoring the student intermittently saying “no, um, no, it was nopales...”***
  5. The instructor is also an aromatherapy person, and when we were all in corpse pose at the end of class, relaxing and meditating, she snuck up and squirted us with an incredibly strong-smelling spray. I don’t think she’ll do this to me again, as she noticed it provoked a prolonged coughing fit (she apologized afterwards). I think I’m still tasting it in the back of my throat.

So I dunno. The class fits well into my schedule, and it’s geographically very convenient. The instructor is also a very nice person, very friendly, energetic, and bendy. And it’s not like I can do all of the poses, so obviously I have a lot to learn.

It’s just that the poses are strenuous enough that I think I could hurt myself if I didn’t understand what I was doing. And I don’t, really, so I’m applying what I learned in T’ai Chi and dance for lack of any other guidance. While I like the instructor, I’m not sure I trust her the way I want to, i.e. like I did my T’ai Chi and dance instructors (hi, Jen!)

There’s another studio a bit farther away and more expensive, that seems to focus more on the physiological side of things and less on the “you are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars” side of things. Maybe this is more what I want at this stage.

* And it didn’t help that I kept thinking about locating my ass chakra. Damn your eyes, cenobyte!

** OK, this just made me giggle more than anything.

*** Aloe not only tastes incredibly vile, certain varieties are actually poisonous if taken internally. I admit to a certain sadistic hope that someone will come in next week with tears in their eyes saying “but you said it was delicious!”


  1. Drang said...

    Not so shockingly, I'd vote for going with the more physiological yoga. I expect a certain level of professionalism that, I'm sure, would be alienating to some yoga students, especially those who really enjoy the church social aspect.

    I ended up quitting the stuff 'cause I couldn't get satisfactory help with my issues learning the poses (is it possible for one to be incapable of boat pose?) and I didn't have the time/energy/money to sign up somewhere else. Like I said, though, when it was working, I thought that yoga was pretty darned good.  

  2. cenobyte said...

    I just did yoga at home. With a video. And a stiff drink of whiskey. Doesn't help with the balancing, but it sure helps with the stupid lines like "now we will breathe through the soles of our feet".


    *I* can't help it if you can't locate your own ass chakra.


  3. Chelle said...

    My ass chakra and I are tight.

    However, I've never quite experienced an instructor that negligent... or sketchy... or humourously misguided... or... well, you get it.

    Man, I'd go for the other school.

  4. SixofFour said...

    I've decided to sign up for a yoga class here with S. mainly just to get him out of the house doing something at least once a week. It's with the city rec. department, so it'll probably be fairly easy and mostly physical as... well, it's Calgary.

    Your instructor sounds like a bit of a fruitbat.  

  5. Christopher said...

    *psst* Your ehch-tee-em-ell is showing.  

  6. Amy said...

    My goodness... it looked fine in Firefox. Pardon my deshabille.  

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