A picture-heavy post. It was a pretty good workplace Hallowe'en.

My office-mate* does not like creepy contact lenses. At all. He didn't know this picture was being taken; I wish actually we had a picture of a few seconds later, when he turned around. That was funny. I was Zombie Jane Austen, by the way, and I owe Cenobyte bigtime for showing me how damn awesome creepy contact lenses can be. Totally worth it.

And there were punkins:

My favourites were the Borg punkin (Cucurbita of Borg!), the skelly-punkin, and the Rorschach punkin. The Borg punkin actually had a little light-and-fog show that was pretty awesome.

* He is a Talented UI Artist, so he is sensitive. This is him, drawring.


  1. alce said...


    You look totally fabu!

    Do my candy corn earrings count?  

  2. AJ said...

    Cucurbita of Borg!

    That is AWESOME! I can't stop chuckling.  

  3. Steve said...

    Great costume. Hope you got lots 'O brains.  

  4. Terry said...

    It really takes very little to make you spooky... This is a compliment. :)

    I remember asking you once why you didn't wear contacts, and you said you just couldn't... So what changed for creepy contacts?  

  5. Amy said...

    Thanks for the compliments, everyone!

    @Terry: I find contacts quite uncomfortable, plus I was sensitive to a preservative that they used to put in contact solution, plus my particular prescription means very expensive contacts. I can put up with the discomfort for eight hours or so, the solution is a different formula now, and effects contacts aren't prescription.  


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