Time for what's become the monthly wrap-up, I suppose. It's not fair that I grumble about people not updating their blogs when I am just as guilty.

R:tAG's parents had their 50th anniversary party, and we of course went up for that. We arrived just in time to participate in the first major snow of the season; we exited the airport to horizontal sleet. Luckily things calmed down enough that the drive to the Anniversary Town was fine.

All but one of the original wedding party were at the head table, pictured above and decorated with a lovely korovai. The celebration was really nice; R:tAG even met some cousins that he didn't even know about (his parents both come from large families) and of course we got to see lots of family again. The Ukrainian genetics are strong; the family resemblances were striking. R:tAG's oldest nephew kept getting mistaken for R:tAG, I kept mistaking one of R:tAG's uncles for his dad.*

So it was an impressive event and once again I was danced under the table by people twice my age. I wanna learn the Schottische.

The anniversary party was in the hall of a large church; I saw this on the grounds and had to take a picture.

In case of spiritual emergencies, break glass.**

And in more recent news... well, work. Lots of work. We wanted to go to the San Francisco Opera Costume Sale but by all accounts there was a five hour line just to get in, and then a two to three hour line at the checkout. Eesh. We got to see Cori during her brief visit to the area, which was very nice. We're having the work Hallowe'en party tomorrow, and maybe there will be another blog entry if the costumes and punkins are impressive enough.*** I'm going as Zombie Jane Austen, because I'm still in the undead Regency mood. Thanks, Suz!

* In my defense, only twice, and only from across a room, and I wasn't the only one. We were joking that it was a good thing we pinned a corsage on R:tAG's dad, so that we could tell him and his brother apart.

** I assume the protective cover is a winter installation, but it still struck me funny. Cryo-angel!

*** A couple years ago, one of the pumpkin carving entries was "Meat Urchin"... a smallish pumpkin covered in hotdogs stuck endwise to the pumpkin on skewers. It was rather horrifying. Many of the other pumpkins involved LEDs and robotics. Game studio employees get weird when it comes to punkin carving.


  1. cenobyte said...

    I will teach you Schottische, mang. It's my favourite 'ballroom/wedding' dance. I've been dancing Schottische since I was three years old.  

  2. cenobyte said...

    and boy, are my feet tired.



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