Wow. If somebody proposed the events of the 97th Grey Cup as a movie plot, I suspect it would be rejected for implausability.

I have never before seen defeat so comprehensively snatched from the jaws of victory. See you in 25 years, I guess.


  1. Steve said...

    True enough, but I'm not having too hard a time looking on the bright side here: At the beginning of the season everybody picked us for last place in the West, and we wound up in first and made it to the Grey Cup. For the big game itself everybody picked Montreal in a blowout and we did put the fear of god in them. C'est la vie.

    That's not to say that I'm not disappointed, but things could have been a lot worse for us.

    Also, Boreham might have to watch out next year. Sakoda was a beast filling in for him on punting.  

  2. Amy said...

    Naw, that's true. After all, SK was ahead for all but the final second of the game. That's pretty impressive.

    Still, I was in agreement with the ESPN announcers who, ten minutes after the game ended, were still saying "We're still trying to process what just went on here..."

    And wasn't Sakoda good?  

  3. Steve said...

    Didn't hear the ESPN announcers, but there was admittedly a lot of confusion from the TSN announcers as well. I haven't had the heart to watch the replays and post-game analysis today to sort out what happened.

    As for Sakoda, yes, that's what I meant. He played excellent and Boreham might have a hard time beating him for punting duties in training camp next year. For that matter, Sakoda might be a good kicker too.  

  4. Amy said...

    Ah, sorry, lack of tone. I meant "Yes, I agree, wasn't Sakoda excellent!" in a rhetorical question kind of way (like "Isn't that great!"). Upon re-reading, I see how the word choice was poor.

    I am morbidly curious to see a post-mortem of the whole extra player fiasco.  

  5. Smarty Pants said...

    Boreham does bring something Sakoda doesn't (or atleast I haven't seen it): line-backer agression.
    Boreham will punt / kick, then be the first guy down the field laying a smack-down on the hapless receiver. I do believe that's a rarity in kickers / punters. We should treasure it.  

  6. Steve said...

    While I'm not against kickers/punters being willing to take a hit when necessary to stop a run back, I wish that Boreham wasn't so eager about it. It's like having a quarterback who wants to run like a fullback. It's great that he's got the ability, but its going to really shorten his career if he does it too often.

    Boreham did show a heck of a lot of intelligence with how he kicked the ball, though (I'm thinking back to that windstorm a month or two back where he was basically running up to the line of scrimmage and booming the ball low like a bullet). It remains to be seen if Sakoda can do that.  

  7. Smarty Pants said...

    I think Boreham's position before Riderville was...what? Safety or something? Not sure but he did play a position where he would presumabley be able to hit and take a hit. And I like how his "violence of action" throws wrenches into opposing special teams play. Not sure about Sakoda...I presume he could be taught, though. And fed a few perogies.
    YES! LOVED Boreham's kick intelligence this season. I think he could really open up the position league-wide if everyone else copied his more mobile, rugby-like style of game.  


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