OK, so it's May already...

Aw, crap.

Um, so we had some birthdays in there, and stuff happened, and the weather was lovely. And we worked a lot. There. I now have the perfect generic blog post.

Oh, all right, more details. Carl and MacChick got married in a lovely ceremony, and there were many out of town guests that it was lovely to see again (and some in-town guests too; we don't socialize as often as we ought).

We didn't go to KublaCon or BayCon, which was poor form on our parts but long weekends are damn few and far between here.

We went on a Vampire Walking Tour of San Francisco with Wode which was very entertaining, and we also (finally!) went to the Ferry Building and got lots of good stuff to eat.

I crocheted a darkmantle for R:tAG for a birthday present. Unfortunately it tried to eat his head, 'cause that's what darkmantles do best:

And Carl and MacChick and I went to Maker Faire which was even bigger than last year and included a new food and agricultural section and now I really want to do vermicomposting. And the steampunk mobile home was there again, and the motorized cupcakes and the Diet-Coke-And-Mentos guys and big robotic statue things on fire, wheee! R:tAG had to work, booooo!

And then my car battery died all dead, and nearly stranded R:tAG, and when I took it to the mechanic to make sure that's all that was wrong of course they found all the other maintenance items that I haven't really been keeping up with, and the timing belt needs replacing, and the tires are almost bald, and so that's going to be spendy. Still, cheaper than buying a new car plus I can remain debt-free.

And that's all I can think of and my RCS checkout's almost done, and I've got a ton of work to do on the Star Trek space controls (my job is letting people fly spaceships... whee!) so I'll try and update in a more timely fashion in the future.


  1. cenobyte said...

    It's very easy to vermipost. All's you need is to mail-order the red wrigglers.

    You should TOTALLY do it.

    Then you should knit what your compost looks like, complete with vermis.  


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