I think the best commentary on swine flu is here (or maybe here), though I found this article about the Canadian National Microbiology Lab interesting too. It's nice to hear about emergency procedures that work.

I mainly just wanted to have a post for April on the blog; missing a whole month just seems unacceptable. Work is fine; making games is very interesting not least because of the work environment. This is typical:

He's been moving around the building, and you never know where he'll turn up.

Oh, and we went to Disneyland last weekend, to celebrate Macchick's impending nuptials.* I hadn't been since 1991, and things have definitely expanded. There's a whole 'nother park beside Disney now, which contains among other things careful reconstructions of bits of Northern California.** What has not expanded is my capacity for roller coasters, unfortunately (the opposite, in fact) so I was feeling rather wobbly by the end of the day. But there were lots of non-nausea-inducing activities also.***

I rather liked this street; the end of it is a clever facade.

And we had a fantastic brunch at a sort of secret restaurant because Macchick's sister's friend's parents (I think?) were members and gave us access. And we went on all the old favourites like the Haunted House and Pirates of the Caribbean and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, and a bunch of new stuff too. The fireworks that night were cancelled due to high winds (boo!) but that was the only blot on the day.

Good Movies We've Seen

Bad Movies We've Seen
  • Pineapple Express (Don't bother. Just don't)
Bad Movies That We're Looking Forwards To Seeing Because Of the Riff Trax

* Saying "nuptials" in a creepy old man voice was a running joke of the weekend.

** Which was odd. They have mini-replica of Cannery Row, except it's the restored version of Cannery Row minus the tourist tat. So it's a reproduction of something that never actually existed, which made my head hurt.

*** Like the Muppet Show! You could sit in a theater and be part of the Muppet Show! Squee!


  1. Steve said...

    Why can I so easily picture you and R:tAG sitting on the balcony playing the roles of Statler and Waldorf?  

  2. Amy said...

    Steve, they wouldn't let us up in the balcony. There was a full size animatronic Statler and Waldorf up there already, heckling the show. It was marvelous.  


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