No excuse of malfunctioning phone lines this time, just the odd antisocial malaise that seemed to come with being unemployed, for me at least. I got a lot done, though not as much as I could have/should have.*

I am employed now, though, yay, in a fairly recession-proof industry. Yep, R:tAG and I are now, efficiently enough, laboring side by side in the same salt mine. The interview was amusing; I have never before had my interviewer say, seriously, “We’re just a bit worried that you don’t play enough games.” The UI design challenges of a game, especially an MMO, are intriguingly different from those of a control system application. I’m having to think again. Ow.

The other problem with such a long pause is all the little gems that I thought at the time “I really ought to remember to blog about this” are of course lost in the mists. Here are the few that survived:

The movie Bon Cop Bad Cop is worth watching, I think, in a black-comedy kind of way.

Watchmen was a really reasonable adaptation of the graphic novel. About the only things I didn’t much like were Bubastis (why bother?) and ::clears throat nervously:: the soundtrack. Not that I didn’t like each song (I don’t really need to get the movie soundtrack because I own the majority of the songs already). I just didn’t think the soundtrack did what a soundtrack should; I thought it competed with the movie instead of supporting it.**

There was an exhibit at the De Young Museum where local florists used a work of art as an inspiration for a floral display. It was really fantastic. Some floral arrangements were amazing copies, some were more “inspired by”, but it was very interesting. More photos are here.

was a pleasure.

Repo: A Genetic Opera
was extraordinarily disturbing and fascinating. Brazil meets Sweeny Todd with a dash of Sin City?

* All costumes are not complete, all minis are not painted. On the other hand, a lot of knitting is knat.

** For me, on a lot of levels. First level was the simple distraction of “Ooh, I like this song,” followed by “So this is supposed to be an alternate timeline but events were still similar enough for this band to write this song?” followed by “I wonder if they subtly changed the song to reflect the alternate timeline?” followed by “If they didn’t, why did they pick this song?” followed by “Oh, what just happened?”


  1. Steve said...

    Congratulations on the new jorb. Now get to work!  

  2. rilla said...

    I also add in my congrats. I hear it's a pretty cool place to work.

    Plus, Holy Crap! I love those bouquets of art. I wish I could (have) seen them in person.  

  3. Arlette said...

    Man, the "Watchmen" soundtrack drove me batty. It really tried to club the viewer over the head -- "LOOK LOOK LOOK IT'S A SONG, WE SPENT A BAZILLION DOLLARS ON THIS SO PAY ATTENTION!" So annoying.  

  4. AJ said...

    Congratulations on the job!

    You know, one way I've found to remember to blog about things is to do it more frequently... just sayin'. :)

    I thought Bon Cop Bad Cop was outstanding. I keep meaning to purchase it but the only time I see it is when they are demanding a prohibitive amount of money.

    As for the Watchmen, I agree about the soundtrack (I landed up laughing non-stop through the sex scene set to Hallelujah; it was just too much -- in a bad way) but I also think that the pacing was poor.

    Repo: A Genetic Opera had me giddy with joy. It got even better with the second watching. Hard to believe, I know, but it did!  

  5. Gypsyhick said...

    Congratulations on the new job! TUO + R:TAG = total world domination!  

  6. Electric Maenad said...

    Went to see "Watchmen" with S. and Ferlak. My first comment was, "Wow, that was bloody." After learning that the film was directed by the same guy who did "300", my second comment was, "Well, that explains all the gratuitous man ass."

    And yeah, the soundtrack was kind of obtrusive in places.  

  7. Anonymous said...

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