Blame It On The Rain

Well, sorry for the hiatus. For once it’s not exactly my fault; our landline and internet were down for four days five days almost a week and while we still had our iPhones, they are not so good for composing long stretches of text.* But today the nice technician dug up a flowerbed and fixed the problem, so we are connected again.

The endless rain may have been a factor in the line failure, but I still cannot be unhappy about it because it has been so dry for so long here. Apparently, though, all this rain still isn’t helping reservoir levels because it’s all soaking into the parched ground. Oh well, it’s better than not having the rain.

Being incommunicado like that was especially inconvenient for me because I am once again jobless. The startup I was working for is now an enddown. But to be honest, I’m enjoying being able to catch up on some completely non-computer related commissions** and since we have no debts, no dependants and no expensive addictions*** I can take some time off. I’m just irritated that this didn’t happen when we had visitors; I could have spent a lovely time with them. Ah well.

And I am still managing to amuse myself, of course. Stitches West was last Friday and I bought a bit of yarn. A little bit. Hardly anything, really. And the next day R:tAG had to go to WonderCon so I went up and joined him and wandered around the dealer floor a bit and met a Surprise Guest:

Hee! Adam Baldwin actually looks younger and thinner in person than he did as Jayne, which isn’t usually how these things work but he seems like a really nice guy, and was very kind to fans.

And then we went to see Video Games Live because we’d missed it at GenCon last year, and it was excellent. The Fox Theater is a beautiful old building, too, and they stock Hendrick’s Gin at the bar, so I heartily endorse it.

* Plus some websites don’t work so well with the mobile flavour of Safari.

** Costuming and mini-painting.

*** I keep telling myself that yarn is relatively cheap. You know, compared to heroin.


  1. neuba said...

    That's Super Mega Awesome Cool!!!!
    A photo with 'Jayne' - what a nice memory.

    Sorry to hear about the job situation. I'm sure you'll find something. And if you don't, perhaps think about becoming a professional knitter!? Do they exist? Probably. :)  

  2. AJ said...

    I'm sorry your lines went down. It was probably my trying to phone that did it. ;)

    If you haven't already seen Chuck, the television show, you might want to check it out. I find it amusing and Adam Baldwin is one of the actors in it.  

  3. alce said...

    It was really hardly any yarn at all.  

  4. Gypsyhick said...


    Our household is chock full of devoted followers of Firefly and Chuck.

    Tell me you kept him?  

  5. Paul said...

    Fresh off CNN:

    Saskatchewan a jobs 'hot spot'

    No mention about the knitting industry though :-(  

  6. cenobyte said...

    Correction: Yarn is relatively cheap when compared to *really good* heroin. I'm pretty sure the bad stuff is at *least* as cheap as yarn. In fact, it might even be laced with yarn.

    Of course, yarn is much harder on your veins. And it's tough to get it to come out of needles properly. I hear.  

  7. Terry said...

    Sorry to hear about the job loss, but interesting timing. I just put in my resignation letter on Friday.

    But mine is a happy situation. Moving to something much more interesting/rewarding/fun!

    I'm sure you'll have no problem finding something.  


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