It was hot over the weekend. Miserably hot. So hot that I couldn't tell if I had a fever or not*. The official temperature was 103F (40C) but I'm pretty sure it was hotter in our house.

But we went to a Canada Day celebration, the regular Digital Moose Lounge one at Huddart Park and because it was up in the hills and in the big trees, the heat wasn't so bad. The bottomless beer took the edge off quite nicely too, though it was still hot enough that buying the specially imported Canadian chocolate bars ended up being an adventure in creative eating.**

And on Sunday, it being too hot to create anything big or requiring counting, I made a new friend. Literally:

It's hard to get an idea of scale from that picture, isn't it? The abdomen fits nicely in my hand, anyway. I didn't make up the pattern; it's from Amigurumi Knits which is my current favourite book.***

This weekend is a long one, I think, and I am happy. Work has been fairly high pressure. We start the "friends and family" test of our game in a couple of weeks so there's a lot of work to do. If you're interested in participating, by the way, drop me a line.**** It'll be a pre-alpha test... as the executive producer says, we're just opening it to people on whom we can count to go "Oh, it's a very nice game, dear!" and forgive us much.

* I think I did, because I also had a sore throat and that feeling like your sinuses have been packed with Tabasco-flavoured PlayDoh. But along with the heat there was an air quality warning, so everything might have actually been external.

** Best option; bite just the corner off the package and squeeze the contents into your mouth. Pretending you're an astronaut is optional.

*** Come on, a knitted anglerfish with optional parasitic male? This is the best knitting pattern book ever.

**** Knowing a) how to do that and b) what game I'm working on is part of the "friends and family" validation. Otherwise, sorry, beta will be soon!


  1. Steve said...

    Love the fuzzy mantis. Too bad he can't help keep the pests away.  

  2. Terry said...

    Sent you an email with regards to ****. Is that enough of a quiz? I have to name what you're working on... Do I also have to name what part you're specifically working on? Because while I know what the big project is, I have no idea what part you're contributing, and I think that would be a very interesting post!  

  3. Anonymous said...

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  4. Anonymous said...



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