A little bit louder and a little bit worse.

Tricksy intestinal bugs. I thought I was over it, but I really, really wasn’t. Ooog.

I’m better now, though slightly floaty from eating nothing solid for four days. Bless Jamba Juice (the local equivalent of Booster Juice) and VitaminWater.

I have the energy for nothing but mucking out the link stables. Enjoy.

If we Taught English the Way We Teach Mathematics
Don’t Let Body-Mod Envy Ruin Your Entire Day - Now I wanna play Shadowrun…
American Food Manifesto
Birth of One Parrot
- Awwwww!
Snowglobe Art - Sooooo pretty
Chinese Ballet Circus - OK, this is possibly the most amazing thing I have ever seen.
Sushi Boat Camera
Fuzzy Thinking Bingo - A list of common “arguments” (and the quotes are definitely needed) that you can use to play bingo during discussions about woo.
VisiGoth - Heh.


  1. Bronze Dog said...

    Thanks for the link. :)  

  2. rilla said...

    omgsocreepy: Shudder. He makes Mary look like a walk in the park.

    Chinese Ballet Circus: Wow. WOW! At first I was like, "cool. It's kinda like figure skating and ballet combined." But then they did that thing with the shoulders, and I was like... whoa.

    sushiboat camera: Oddly fascinating. I liked it.  

  3. Amy said...

    Bronze Dog: Keep fighting the good fight. :)

    Rilla: ON HIS HEAD!!!! SHE WAS DANCING EN POINTE ON HIS HEAD!!!! I don't even want to think about how their lives must have been devoted to that.

    And wasn't the sushi-boat thing neat? I liked the bit where it went into the kitchen. I've always idly thought about what that looks like.  

  4. Steve said...

    Heh. I think I've seen the omgsocreepy titled as "Anti-Paladin Armor".  

  5. Paul said...

    Re: the Sushi
    Most sushi in those places is prepared in the island in the middle of the track. The kitchen is usually only for the prep work like blender tuna or the few kinds that are actually cooked. That place has a REALLY big kitchen. I thought I recognized the restaurant until the price board came around. I've never seen anyone put a camera on the belt (it really is a belt, not a boat. Looks exactly like a miniature luggage thingy at the airport and it's the dominant sushi restaurant style in Tokyo) but based on what some people said it wasn't a surprise at all. As long as your camera fits on a plate I don't think anyone would mind, and no one's going to swipe it. Maybe in Roppongi, but there aren't any good sushi places in Roppongi :-)  

  6. Amy said...

    Paul: In the place by my work where I go every week (wasabi Wednesday!) the sushi is actually on little boats. The water-trench still does go back into the kitchen, though.  

  7. Paul said...

    There was one place in Calgary that did it on boats too. Super-expensive. Takako is shaking her head and saying 'very strange'. Everything* here is on belts. Wikipedia has an accurate article with good photos.

    Great places for tourists. You need to understand exactly zero Japanese to have a good meal. Getting the order right at McDonalds or Starbucks can be a challenge some days. Average cost for lunch at one of those places is about US$10-15

    I'll pass on Wasabi Wednesday though :-)

    * Qualifier: everything at a revolving-food sushi shop in my price bracket.
    Nyotaimori sushi is a) not on a belt, b) über expensive and c) just plain strange.

    ** Completely unrelated, but Blogger's comment page geolocates and is all in Japanese.  

  8. Paul said...

    How much is one plate of shrimp, salmon or plain tuna at the Boathouse, and do you get one piece or two?  

  9. Amy said...

    Paul: I should say that "Wasabi Wednesday!" is of my own invention. I get a craving about once a week, and the alliteration pleases me.

    The plates are one of four prices ($1.99, $2.99 $3.99 and $4.99) and colour coded. There are three per boat, mixed content. Plain salmon and tuna, and most of the shrimp, are $2.99/plate and you get two pieces. There is also more expensive shrimp and tuna on the $3.99 and $4.99 plates.

    Alas, the neighbourhood is undergoing extensive renovations (i.e. being mostly levelled) and my sushi-boat place is moving. I'll miss it.  

  10. Carl said...

    Sakura sushi on Murphy is pretty good. No boats though.  

  11. Suz said...

    Cheruby and I can do the Chinese Ballet thing. We just don't like to show off.  


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