For some reason, I’ve found a lot of cool stuff recently, probably because I’m browsing more (since most of the restaurants around are closing, it’s easier for me to bring my lunch and eat at my desk… not a bad thing from a nutritional and financial point of view, though I probably should get more fresh air).

Hearing that a casual mention of a funny site helped someone during a funk made me feel good. If I can’t have coffee with all y’all every week, at least I can point you to things that I liked or that reminded me of you. Yes, you.*

Build Your Own Poi – for all my dance buddies.

99 Wolves Crash Into Glass - for all my werewolf buddies (an extraordinarily visually compelling work of art with no wolves harmed, don’t worry).

What the World Eats - I think Cenobyte will like this especially.

Smitten Kitchen - My new favourite food blog – have you seen this, Steve?

Geeky Yarn - For all my knitting buddies, especially Marcia and I hope she feels better soon. I'm putting the crochet Dalek near the top of my "to do" list.

The Joys of Home Fries and Wine - (you have to watch an ad to get to the site… totally worth it) The Achewood guys wrote a cookbook. If you don’t know who this reminds me of, you haven’t met him.

The Comics Curmudgeon - Why was I not told of this earlier? Sweet fancy Moses, this is funny, and I can almost hear Rilla laughing until she becomes inaudible.

PVP Online - for Carl, Mickey, and the other Apple slaves.

Another PVP Online
- for Ferlak, especially. Eerie, eh?

Sinfest - The whole thing reminds me of Bne, but that was the one in particular that made me fire up Yahoo and send him the link.

Partially Clips - This one’s for Alamalan despite the lack of octopuses.

Best Office Ever - This is so nice. And it reminded me of Suz because she’s so unnaturally happy with her job even without office furniture like this. Imagine!

Ninjas - For Quinn, of course.

Japan - For Paul, of course

Natureza Viva - To all my cross-stitching buddies… OK, I think I’m the only one crazy enough to have done cross stitch**, but if you’re at all interested in UI design or animation this is worth checking out. It’s strangely compelling and very well executed. Note the subtle use of fisheye distortion!

AT-AT stroller - For Seamus and Jen, and congratulations.

Narcissistic Blog Disorder
- For Terry. It seems to bother him when I don't tell him why I think a thing is appropriate for him, so I won't. Heh.

* And if you don’t see your name explicitly here, it’s because of my poor memory. I promise that I was thinking of you at some point but probably forgot to bookmark. Leave a comment and I'll try to re-find whatever it was that reminded me of you.

** I think I’m on record as saying it’s like paint-by-numbers, but without the creativity.


  1. cenobyte said...



    And the best, most healthiest food on the whole bloody thing was the collection of rice and legumes that cost less than two dollars !!LESS THAN TWO DOLLARS!! to feed an entire family!!!

    (pant, pant, pant)

    Yes. That was very interesting.

    Thank you.


  2. Paul said...

    Ah, that one's definitely a keeper. Make sure I take you to a back street Maid Cafe sometime.

    BTW the "How to eat Sushi" vid has made the rounds to equal laughter and confusion. I'm trying to find the others in the series (if they exist).  

  3. Carl said...

    I totally plan to go see the lineups for the phone next friday... I'm always amazed at the nuts that are out there.  

  4. Steve said...

    Sweet! Thanks for the food porn!  

  5. Suz said...

    I am soooo jealous of that furniture!!! OMG! Why don't you work there? And the tentacle room? I couldn't think of anything more appropriate for AJ.  

  6. simon said...

    Ah those crashing wolves are so great!

    I was in Toronto last week, and one art gallery had a room which the floor had been entirely covered with realistic, but almost somehow cartoony, stuffed rabbits. They were walking purposefully, from an entrance to the center of the room, and had a sort of frenetic purposefulness about them.  

  7. carla said...

    the snelgrove once had a MFA show of completely realistic molds of butchered chickens in wierd sexual photoshoot poses, as though they were supposed to be female models in ad campaigns.

    love the 99 wolves photos :)  

  8. carla said...

    ah here it is  

  9. Electric Maenad said...

    Oh gods, now you've done it. He's probably going to want to mod the crib to look like the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon or some damn thing.

    (That *is* pretty cool though.)  

  10. Steve said...

    Millenium Falcon Crib? Damn, I wish my parents were cool enough to get me one.

    Go. Do.  


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