Sunny Wednesday

Hm. This title theme should keep me going until about November, and then I'd have to switch to "Rainy [day of the week]."

So another odd radio commercial (approximately):

Woman 1: "I'm home!"
Kids: "Yay! You brought pizza!"
Announcer: "Pizza, $12.50"
Woman 1: "These are yours."
Man: "Oh, honey, you picked up my shirts! Thank you!"
Announcer: "Dry cleaning, $20.00"
Woman 1: "Here you go"
Woman 2: "Oh, new pantyhose! You're a life saver!"
Announcer: "$5.00"
Woman 1: "Oh! Oh! Eeee! Oooooo!" (screams of ecstasy, basically)
Announcer: "A little something for yourself... priceless"


It took me a couple of listens* to catch the rest of it, which is basically some sort of "use your credit card and you could win a bunch of money" thing. Not my first impression.

Oh, and here's a great place to spend a bunch of time that actually may result in something productive:

Make: Technology on your time

* The only radio station I get clearly with my cheapy car radio plays about 2 minutes of advertising per song. Unhappily, almost all the other FM bands are filled with horrible static-y stations, which means my iPod/iTrip doesn't work very well. Yet another factor that makes commuting a trial and a burden. I usually end up turning off my radio and singing loudly.


  1. Anonymous said...


    Happy Birthday to y'all!

    Your distant relatives.  


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