Sunny Friday

A sunny week, as a matter of fact.

So this post might be even more grasshopperish than normal (I can write a coherent narrative if I try! I can so too!) because my company just had a big software release and we celebrated with a few bottles of bubbly in the boardroom.*

And this segues into a seasonal theme, that theme being Mothers' Day, because I was thinking of me dear mum as I was sipping my champagne. Me mum, bless her heart, turns a lovely shade of pink when she's had any amount of alcohol. "My," I thought to myself, "It's a good thing I didn't get those genes, what with me trying to be all grown-up and mature, sipping my drink here at this grown-up and mature gathering in the middle of the work day, where obviously the expectation is that everyone can handle their liquor in a grown-up and mature fashion."

And then I go to the washroom, and look at the tomato-on-a-bowling-pin apparition in the mirror, and think maybe genetics isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Oh, and here's some links that I've been saving 'cause they didn't have anything to do with knitting. They don't have anything to do with this post either, but hey, it's Friday and I've had a couple of glasses of champagne.

For all the cat owners out there
For all the fish owners out there
For all the people what want to build paper robots and don't mind instructions in a foreign language out there

Have a good weekend!

* What a pleasantly alliterative sentence!


  1. amanda said...

    Ha! Ahahaha! The Little Liz title has been claimed.

    Now, back to my crossword puzzle.  

  2. chad said...

    I know I sent this to Randy a while back, but here are more robots for anyone who hadn't seen them...  

  3. Suz said...

    See!! I always knew that kittens were better than babies. heh.  

  4. cenobyte said...

    Kittens are *different* than babies. Eventually, babies stop pooping in the corner.  


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