Hippo Birdies

Yep, it's our birthday. May I once more recommend marrying someone with the same birthday as you? It's just easier all around for everyone.

And we're back from sunny (too, too sunny*) Alberta, after a lovely visit with friends and family. Paying a bit more for a direct SFO-to-YYC trip was sooooo worth it. And many, many thanks to Bne and Ferlak for being gracious hosts even under the strain of a bajillion house guests. And thanks to everyone who either made the trip or was around to hang out. It was really, really, really great to see everyone again and when we told you that we'd love to come and have you visit us, it wasn't just the Wolf Blass** talking.

And guess what R:tAG got me? Guess! Squeeee! I'm probably not going to leave the house this weekend, which is sort of too bad because KublaCon is on. Oh well.

* After a trip to the Calgary Zoo, most of us were sporting the "Victoria Day Necklace." This fetching band of bright pink skin around the neck and upper chest was the result of forgetting to apply sunblock in the collar area. Mind you, if we'd tried the same stunt down here our necks would have been seared right through, like unwatched campfire hotdogs.

** Or the Traditional, depending on the time of day.


  1. cenobyte said...

    Happy Belated.

    In Saskatchewan, it's still the 25th, though, so technically, I'm not late.


  2. BPM IV said...

    Sorry about that - I spent my b-day away from the PC.

    Happy belated to both of you!  


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