So if you are eagerly anticipating the game I'm working on (and you should, it's gonna be good*), you should go here, scroll down and look at the "We Want to Know" section at the bottom right, and vote. I'd prefer you vote for Star Trek Online, of course, but do what you want. I won't mind. At all.

* Seriously, very good game. Pretty too. That trailer? That's all in game footage, and I don't think it even shows the ground combat.


  1. Steve said...

    Do you know what was the only thing that was good about having to spend the last 3 years without internet? I didn't have to worry about getting excited about the games and having to upgrade my computer constantly. Now you hit me with this? I don't even like Star Trek that much and I really want to try this.

    Dang you *shakes fist in impotent rage*  

  2. Amy said...

    Steve, I could add you to the closed beta list, if you want...  

  3. Bne said...

    "It's gonna be good".

    See that...right there.

    *That* is why engineers do not run advertising campaigns.

    "Play STO, it's fun and unlikely to disappoint you!" :-)  

  4. Steve said...

    I absolutely want to be in the beta, but unfortunately I'm saddled with a number of issues:

    a.)I don't have a computer that will run it and would rather wait until after the holiday rush to get one (it's in the plans, just not immediately).

    2.)I don't have the time for it - I'm not even in the regular rotation at work and I'm working 15 hour days just covering for people booking time off. I've had one weekend off since October.

    iii.) I don't think that I'd be a particularly good beta tester, unless you're looking for feedback along the lines of "Yes. I like it and will buy a subscription when it goes gold." (not that I imagine that you don't want to hear that, I just figure you're looking for something more... constructive).

    So thanks for the offer, but I'm going to have to pass for right now and work on just showing up to Exalted.  

  5. Brennan said...

    From what I hear from possible family members who might be in this so called beta, it's gonna be really good. I can't wait to play!  


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