(ever have a verse that gets stuck in your head and won't leave? The title is the first bit of one that I'm giving involuntary brainspace to right now...)

But as R:tAG put it:

Yay us! If you were at our wedding, do you feel old yet?

Regency trousers are done, vest is in the works*, shoes are ordered, my hat and reticule are still on deck. Prognosis for achieving full costumed status: favourable.

We attended the RiffTrax Live event here in San Jose last Thursday and it was very funny. Perhaps not the best thing to attend with a friend who is suffering from a double hernia** though. I was also thinking of what they could have done to make it feel more like a live distributed event... this is a cool thing to do and it's odd that it just still felt like we were watching a taped live performance, if that makes sense.

So of course I started thinking about the U of C HCI lab and their Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) projects because they had some really neat ideas (even years and years ago when I was in academia) on how to make people who are geographically separated feel like they are still working together. So now I'm thinking of designs to make people in ~200 theatres feel like they are having a shared experience, without that becoming the main event. Like Walt Whitman nothing good will come of it,*** but it's a neat problem.

Oh, and here are some random links. It's been a while since I've done random links:

Otter Half

ZooBorns - As good as Cute Overload but without the tooth-gratingly twee text.
Cute Kitten - Hi, Bne!
A Handy Flowchart

Hm. A picture-heavy link list, I notice. Maybe I've used all my words.

ETA: Yep, I'd used all my words before I mentioned that Terry and Dancin' Cicada Jen paid us an all-too-short visit last week. It was great, though it was such short notice... only six weeks!**** We just hung out and talked, really, but we also found this good Ethiopian place. Ethiopian bread is like eating sour J-cloths... but in a really good way. Yum.

* With the caveat that the collar modification is still unimplemented. And that rayon brocade is a slippery bitch goddess.

** Not a figure of speech, alas. Poor guy.

*** Hi, Cenobyte!

**** The sarcasm hand sign is up.


  1. neuba said...


    I was at your wedding...things were so very different then.  

  2. alce said...

    I wasn't at your wedding, but I feel old, anyway.  

  3. Paul said...

    I wasn't at your wedding either, but we've known each other for 28 years :-O (and hopefully 28 more)  

  4. cenobyte said...

    I'm unsure how eating sour J-clothes could ever be done in a 'good way'.

    And no, I don't feel particularly old. But my KIDS are really damned old.

    Stupid Walt Whitman.

    I miss you.  

  5. Terry said...

    I was at your wedding... Yes, I do feel old. But not as old as you! Bwa ha ha!!

    Thanks again guys for being such wonderful hosts and double thanks for the sarcasm sign. It just makes things so much easier. :) Alas, I am down to two cans of cough syrup^H^H^H^H cherry dr. pepper so the sweet taste of victory will soon run dry.

    Might have to come for another visit. :)

    (If you got the ^H^H^H joke, you might just be old.)  

  6. BigGavva said...

    Your lyric is from 'upon Westminister Bridge' buy Half Man Half Biscuit  


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