Coat: complete! I am happy that R:tAG is a perfect Butterick XL. I can follow any kind of correct instruction, but making diagnostic alterations* apart from a bigger or smaller hem is beyond me.

I was very happy with the pattern; Butterick 3648. It's not actually Regency, more early Victorian (note the waist seam, the square transition between the body of the coat and the tails, and the curved bottom of the tails) but the pattern was cheap, the right size**, clearly written, makes a well-designed piece of clothing, and was quickly and easily acquired. I should have made the collar facing velvet, really, but I couldn't find any in a matching green or brown and didn't have time to experiment with dye. So it's only the buttonholes/buttons to do on that. Yay!

I also made the muslin of the trousers (which, thank goodness, also require no alteration) and I think I've figured out a collar for the vest.

And I got the stuff to make a bonnet and reticule for me, so we'll see is there's time. August is just speeding by!

* i.e. saying "Oh, the horizontal wrinkles mean it's too tight here, so I need to change the seam/shape in this way..."

** Men's Regency costume patterns are not that easy to come by. The only other one I found has a reputation of running very small (and R:tAG is just barely within its upper size range), and also has reported other errors. As I said, I'm not that proficient a tailor to overcome these obstacles on a tight timeline.


  1. Darla Sycamore said...

    Hey thanks for linking to me. Hope you will keep checking back and please do make suggestions  

  2. Terry said...

    "August is just speeding by!"

    Particularly with people showing up and tying up your valuable time. ;)  


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