So this fire, this one is close to us. We live basically under the “P” in the words “Cambrian Park”, at about 11:00 of the fire. No danger, though the air is very hazy and the smoke smell is very strong. Luckily today there is no wind, so the fire-fighters are able to make progress containing it.

Anyway, our guests are home now, after an unexpected extra day (gee, thanks, Air Canada!) plus unexpected Dental Issues and an unexpected heat wave* that made most activities a burden. But they got to go to SuperCon** and we saw the Prince Caspian movie, and involuntarily attended a street festival,*** and visited Emperor Norton’s grave, and Cheruby got to play Irish music with some other musicians**** and it was a lot of fun.

And the weekend before, my ATS dance studio had a public recital, which went pretty well I thought. I had a solo, with belly rolls. I like the belly rolls. Here are some pictures. I need to remember to smile, apparently. It doesn’t come naturally, and I also need a head arrangement that gives me more height without being a turban (this troupe doesn’t wear the turbans that are traditional to this dance style, but honestly the good ol’ turbans really visually balance the rest of the costume).

* That coincided almost exactly with their visit. Hmmm…

** I had to work all Saturday. Phoo.

*** We only wanted olive oil! I swear!

**** It was a fun time and everyone was extremely talented, though towards the end I had to kick R:tAG every time he was about to holler “It’s all the same song!” and he’d kick me every time I was about to holler “Play ‘Lydia the Tattooed Lady!’” so decorum was preserved.


  1. rilla said...

    I love the pictures of you dancing with a sword balanced on your head. That's pretty freakin' cool.  

  2. cenobyte said...

    Look how hawt you are with a sword on your head! EEEeeeeE!

    Dental Issues? Did you smack Chair-OO-bee in the face with the sword or something?  

  3. Steve said...

    Good to know that you're staying safe.  

  4. Anonymous said...

    I just wanted to say happy B-Day
    Miss you

    Allan S  

  5. neuba said...

    Me too...Happy belated birthday. Bne & I thought of you guys when we were out for steak and wine last night at the Keg.  

  6. Big Score said...

    1. Happy Birthday!
    2. While the pictures don't do the dancing justice, I was incredibly impressed with the sword-balancing dance. Very, very cool!
    3. I'm glad you guys didn't burn to death in the fire. Stay safe! :)  

  7. Bne said...

    For the record Neuba, *I* remembered to call them on their birthday.

    So neener (amd a big thank you to Suz who gave me all the dates for birthdays so I could put them in my planner).  

  8. Schmutzie said...

    You're being featured on Five Star Friday:  

  9. Zena said...

    I've got 2 tricks for a non-turban headdress:
    + use long, narrow lengths of fabric tied headband style to build up some volume (esp. if you incorporate a twist at the top of the head)
    + use proper Indian turban cotton - it's thinner than the fabric we usually use so you can get a low-profile effect, and it's grippy so it's more likely to stay put

    Either way, load up with flowers and other bits.  


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