The visitors of Round 3 arrive today, hopefully, ‘cause their plane’s fifteen minutes late already and it hasn’t even left yet. And there have been Baggage Issues.

Here are some links that I’ve just been idly collecting. You’ve probably seen most of these. You might have even sent me these. Forgive me, the temperature outside just shot up to 100F / 38 C today, and my brain is correspondingly sluggish.

  • Find Your Daemon - Golden Compass related, of course. A very pretty web site. “Your profile reveals that you are modest, spontaneous, inquisitive, a leader, and assertive. You are therefore matched with the Crow Daemon.” Modest? I don’t think so, but I think all in all I’m very pleased with Anicetos. One of the other questions was about being easily distracted, and of course I

    Sorry, I just saw something shiny. Where was I? Oh yeah. Crow daemon. Yeah, I like him.
  • Flying Chocolate Pig - A culinary principle of mine is that any food can be improved by adding chocolate or bacon. But both?
  • My latest earworm - "Latest" in that it's been in my head for almost a month now. Argh.


  1. Carl said...

    I don't know golden compass from a hole in the ground, but it gave me a lion daemon, which I guess is cool.  

  2. Romi said...

    Cool links! :)  


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