These Titanic Days

Reasons to be sad and glum and gray and generally wondering why we came down from the trees in the first place:

  • The usual early December reason
  • A couple of new reasons
  • Bad things happening to good people
  • We’re not going to be visiting Canada this year at Christmas. R:tAG’s been advised to stay close to home because of the state of his Green Card application.
Reasons to be happy:
  • Doing another beta test of a friend’s treasure hunt in Palo Alto
  • The movie Saving Grace
  • That we have our health and are living comfortably doing things we enjoy
  • That I actually managed to get card and presents in the mail in time for them to arrive before Christmas. I hope.
  • Trader Joe’s just started carrying these frozen chocolate croissants that you take out of the freezer the night before and they magically triple their size and then the next morning you bake them for twenty minutes and jeezum crow, they’re good.
Five versus four. Happy wins, right?


  1. Zena said...

    Not meaning to add more reasons to feel crummy, but there's another early December reason, and another new reason.

    To help balance the scales, I'd like to point out that the fact that you aren't travelling at Christmas means you can't have any cross-border travel nightmares.  

  2. rilla said...

    Your Christmas card is in the mail. That should balance it towards the good a bit too.

    If all else fails, listen to the voice of this British Man:

    Chin up, wot wot. The sun always rises, and so on.  

  3. cenobyte said...

    ...but if your last few memories go first, then does that mean he'll rewrite the first few books? Because I'd be happy with that. I mean, all his books are good enough for me to read them twice if he wrote them twice...

    Mappy Herry and all that.

    I, however, did not get cards and crap out in time for Exmass. In fact, I'm only just now vacuuming in preparation for Mister and Missus Nibs' arrival later this week.

    Oh, and the good news: my co-worker gave me a gorgeous and fragile Exmass gift that I've always wanted, and I played with the huge pipe cleaner she used as a bow to wrap it, tying it into Exmass feelers around my bright blue hair. The gift is on my desk. The pipe cleaner is still on my head. Our Exmass party was four days ago.  

  4. Anonymous said...

    More reasons to be happy:

    Competitive knitting


  5. Suz said...

    I have yet to mail yours, but I will. They were bought a long time ago.

    I miss you.  


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