So I wrote my congress representative an e-mail, expressing my dismay at how he voted on a recent bill.

This is part of the reply I got back.

“Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I always appreciate hearing comments from my constituents, especially young people who are taking an interest in our legislative process.
I enjoy hearing your thoughts about our helmet laws, and they are important in shaping the way I represent our district. Please know that I have taken the time to read your letter carefully, and will take your views into serious consideration as I continue my work throughout the 110th Congress.”

Somehow I do not believe him, since my original e-mail did not concern helmet laws in the slightest. I suppose I’ll be turning to pen and paper. That seems to get taken more seriously these days.

Oh, and we went to the Dickens’ Fair last weekend, which is like a Ren Faire except set 200 years later, and had a great time with the Hillfolk. Some pictures (Ms. Hillfolk's, not mine; I had stupidly forgotten the camera) are here. I dithered about dressing up or not and finally decided not to*, but I was kicking myself as soon as I saw the steampunk people. Why didn’t I think to do that instead? We met an intrepid pioneer with a new invention that ameliorates the soiling of shoes and clothes while traveling. Science!!!

There were people all over the place acting out various snippets of Victorian stories; mostly "A Christmas Carol," of course, but some other Dickens stuff, and (as you may have guessed from the above) some H.G. Wells, Doyle, etc. Like most things we’ve attended here** we were amazed at the scope and quality of the event. A densely populated area plus years of experience means that you have the time and resources to do things right, and we’re more than happy to benefit. Also, R:tAG found a very reasonably priced frock coat, gloves and spats, which is one less thing I have to make for him. I think I will make him a weskit, since he'll probably want an unusual fabric. I got a hat, but it's too early-period for my polonaise, so that's another dress I have to make. Alas, what a burden!

* I still haven’t completely finished the Victorian polonaise outfit, plus I discovered that an hour’s drive in a corset isn’t all that pleasant. Walking and sitting in chairs is fine, but there’s something about the design of the Honda’s driver’s seat that just doesn’t work well with corsetry.

** The Gilroy Garlic Festival, the Ren Faire, the Pirate Festival, the Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt…


  1. cenobyte said...

    I recognise that pose...

    Damnit, now I'm going to have to budget for next year's Dickens fair *AND* GenCon. (sigh) It's a bloody good thing I haven't quit my job to write full time yet.

    Didn't we meet that gyrocopter guy on one of our travels into the Eeeeeeether?  

  2. Zena said...

    I've been feeling rather keen to sew lately, having abandoned all pretext of working on authentic SCA-period kit. Have recently ordered patterns for a Victorian era skirt (for basic formal wear) and entertainer-type outfit (in case we do some extra-curricular and possibly vaguely burlesque-y dance performances).

    And then I want to make one of these nifty keen riding coats! (as a trenchcoat alternative)  

  3. Amy said...

    Hey, Zena, have you seen The Great Pattern Review? Fantastic stuff. And yes, I am now a GBACG member.  

  4. Anonymous said...


    Why are you wasting your time anyway? As the governator, Ahnie, has said, to the house, they are all girlie-men! ;-)



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