Like she said in her charming post, Christmas has really snuck up on us. Part of it for us, like last year, is the fact that there’s no winter here. Christmas lights on green leafy trees are still a source of low-level cognitive dissonance for me. Another part is not having TV, listening to NPR, and avoiding (for the most part) stores. I hate most advertising, but cutting myself off from so much of it is having an odd effect. I don’t know what’s going on around me. It’s like walking through the woods with an iPod on, but in reverse.*

I am eating oatmeal with flax seeds right now, and my enjoyment of my lunch has been cut short by the realization that flax seeds look like carpet beetles. Eew.**

So this is a bit late, but if you’re interested in seeing pictures of one of the weddings that I was raving about, they’re here and here.

Man, I should go eat something with protein and have a coffee. Each paragraph of this post is completely unrelated. This does not bode well for all the work I’ve done this morning. I’d better have another look at it before it gets reviewed.

Christmas links!

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Christmas Avoidance - You may not miss only Christmas, you might become a complete hermit until February (well, maybe not that long. I’m up to 52 after only a couple of days so they’re not that hard once you get the mindset)

* In that in both cases, you’re ignoring the signs and subtleties of your environment. Am I saying that knowing “what’s hot for Christmas” is the same as knowing it’s going to rain because the swallows are flying low? When I put it that way, it sounds stupid. Never mind.

** This digression brought to you by no coffee, a tired brain, and the letter “S”


  1. cenobyte said...

    I'm hoping the 'how to buy a woman a gift' was tongue-in-cheek. At least, I don't think I'd encourage anyone to find gifts for *me* that way. Then again, I usually have a list of "ten things cenobyte wants" posted on the fridge. And really, if someone gets me a gift that's something that they really want, it's just another great excuse for them to come visit me! WHEE!  


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