Happy Solstice! Even here, so much further south than I’m used to, the nights were getting longer.* But now the swing has reached its highest point, there’s that breathless pause of no movement, and we’re plunging back the other way towards warmth and light.

Not that it’s been particularly cold and dark here, of course, though you’d never know it from seeing people trooping along in their down parkas and earmuffs. I’m not kidding. It’s about 12C here, but people dress like they’re in Peary’s expedition. I’m really not trying to do the stereotypical “Ho, I am so tough that I don’t even put clothes on until it’s -20” Canadian-weather-bore thing, but I honestly have not felt the need for a jacket even**, and I’m lobbying for keeping the bedroom window open at night.***

Blogging will likely be pretty sparse on my end for the next week or so, so y’all have the happy holiday of your choice. Amen, praise Allah, and have a nice day.

P.S. May I just point you to one of the funniest days of one of the funniest comics that I've ever read? This is really funny.

* Well, that misguided daylight savings idea messed things up a bit.

** I will admit though that if I were spending the day outside, especially if I weren’t going to be moving around much, I would want a coat and maybe a hat.

*** R:tAG’s blood has thinned, unfortunately, and the window remains closed. I try to at least keep the furnace off.


  1. Allan S. said...

    Happy Holidays to you and yours

    Allan & Jenn  

  2. Anonymous said...

    Hope you have a great holiday, Amy.  

  3. Noah said...

    Hey Amy. Have a good holiday. Say heya to Randy for me as well? Either that or gut punch him, up to you.


  4. Anonymous said...

    Merry Christmas Amy,

    Can you send me your email address, I've lost it sometime in the last year.

    Just wanted to let you know that Laura and I are parents as of the Solstice.



  5. cenobyte said...

    Happy merry, and thanks for the loot! I'd recomment you just say hey to R:taG, since a punch in the gut can really be interpreted in so many different ways. Unless that's, you know, a sign of affection between you. I'll leave it at that.

    We misses you.  

  6. cenobyte said...

    er. Recommend. Sorry about that. Silly whiskey.  


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