Neuba and Princess Pokey are here, with no travel hiccups. Yay!

We have some fun stuff planned for this weekend! Yay!

Yahoo Avatars has some way cool new Western stuff. Yay!

I booked the tickets for the Multiple Wedding Weekend for less than I'd thought they'd be. Yay!*

The weather is perfect. Yay!

I have nothing else to say right now. Yay!

* I am concerned about only having an hour and ten minutes to get through Customs in Vancouver (returning to the States) though. This seems tight to me, though it seems like security's getting back to normal speeds. Of course, they're probably never going to allow liquids in carry-ons again. I mean, we're still taking off our freakin' shoes because of that crazy jerk five years ago and somehow, rules like this never seem to get repealed any more than strip malls ever get bulldozed to make parks or farmland.

The taking-off-the-shoes thing is useless. I could stuff an equal amount of plastic explosive in a belt or a backpack strap. The no-liquids thing is useless. There's an exemption list of six or seven cases (baby formula, prescription medicine, juice for diabetics, etc.), so all any would-be suicide bomber has to do is forge a doctor's note or bring a baby. So this is not stopping anything, and causing a lot of inconvenience at the best and a quasi-police state at the worst. But there's a certain type of person, I think, that just gets off on ticking things off a list and making everyone Follow The Rules (any rules) and it seems like they're making a lot of decisions these days.

I predict that within ten years airline passengers will have to strip and wear provided jumpsuits and slippers, like prisoners or mental patients. Wanna bet?


  1. Bne said...

    Or you could go home and eat more pasta...  

  2. Amy said...

    Oh my God, I'd forgotten about that. Now I'm angry all over again...  

  3. Paul said...

    Have you been through Van recently? Last time I was there they had a direct-transfer from International to US, and the gorilla was actually saying please and smiling!!

    If you have to claim and re-check your bags then deal with Vancouver security and shakedown fee (you don't pay, but you need to prove you're on a connecting flight) then I think you're screwed.

    Last time, I had 2 hours to change planes. Landed reasonably on time, ran through the arrivals area to beat the lineup at customs, didn't have any checked baggage, ran to domestic departures and had 20 minutes remaining to find out the outbound was delayed 2 hours.

    Vancouver - bad
    Seattle - good  

  4. Amy said...

    Nah, I haven't been through Van since... '93 I think. I remember that freakin' highway robbery "airport fee" or whatever the hell they called it. They could at least maintain tradition and wear masks when they're stealing your money.

    So you're saying that at optimal conditions, you took 1:40 to get through? Hm. Maybe I will suck up the change fee and get a different flight. That 1:10 figure is from flight landing to next flight *leaving*, not "boarding" or anything wimpy like that.

    I'm hoping we won't have checked luggage, but I expect we will have to go through security again (not the regular security, though, the special Customs security... does Van have that?)  

  5. cenobyte said...

    In ten years, I get to FLY NAKED!!!  

  6. Paul said...

    Having never transferred to US from domestic I'm not 100% sure, but in other places (Frankfurt) there was a second security gate for US departures after the main gate.

    Van does have direct US immigration, and if you're going this week (5th anniversary) the Stasi will probably be in top form. Be Zure Yurrr Paperrrs Aarrrr In Order.

    Maybe call them : 604-207-7077

    It's not exactly peak season, so if there are several YVR-SFC flights after yours you could take a chance. And if you check a bag, the airline will try harder to accomodate a passenger running a little late (easier to delay departure for 5 minutes than to drag your bag out of the hold, especially if it's in a container). Grab someone as soon as you are off the incoming and tell them to call the other gate.

    Cenobyte: the airlines will go bust from lack of passengers long before you get to fly naked. Sorry.  

  7. cenobyte said...

    Ah crap.
    Well, I guess it's just more naked train rides for me, then.  

  8. Amy said...

    "And if you check a bag, the airline will try harder to accomodate a passenger running a little late (easier to delay departure for 5 minutes than to drag your bag out of the hold, especially if it's in a container)."

    This is a very cynical, selfish and manipulative thing to do. I will therefore certainly try it.  

  9. Paul said...

    That's the Amy we know and love :-)

    Couple of trips ago I had a large, max-weight bag and a tight transfer in Van. I was secretly hoping the bag wouldn't make the transfer as the airline would then pay for the shipping from the airport. It arrived by courier (gratis) 2 days later.  


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