So, while the weather isn't actually getting warmer, it isn't getting cooler. Trees are dropping their foliage, but it's the pine trees. Seriously, the gutters are full of long brown needles. Pansies are for sale and no-one's snickering at the thought of buying bedding plants in September. No-one is covering their tomatoes. Fall clothing styles mean less pastel, not more fabric. We're going to a company picnic... in October.

There's a new arrival in the household... yes, it's the pitter-patter of a new 150 GB hard drive. R:tAG's once state-of-the-art system is now only good enough for me to check my e-mail and play Puzzle Pirates on. This new system is sweet, though, especially the 20" flatscreen monitor. The UPS guy carried the monitor box to the house and I thought "My, what a strong man," since when I think "20-inch monitor" I automatically think "weight comparable to my own." When I went to pick the box up to move it into the computer room I nearly threw it through the ceiling. I love this monitor. And the case is this huge black-and-silver monolith... R:tAG called me in to see it with the words "The Death Star is fully operational!" There seems to be an S&M club theme happening with cases these days.

Not much else of interest... I just thought I'd post something to reassure people that I'm alive and haven't broken all my fingers or anything. The job hunt continues but I'm thinking I should start being less picky. We'll see how that goes.


  1. Terry said...

    It is good to hear from you. I'd started assuming you'd broken all your fingers or something. ;)

    I am waiting to hear about your winter experience. Seems like most relocated Saskatchewanians hit their worst 'culture shock' when Christmas rolls around and you can celebrate it sipping beer on the front lawn...  

  2. Anonymous said...

    Good to hear from you!

    Did you get my email about sending your address for the trophy?


  3. Paul said...

    Congratulations! Your first comment spammer. Fame, fortune, and Larry King (or Jerry Springer) are just around the corner. Insist on a first-class ticket - the airlines need the money.  

  4. Amy said...

    Nah, it's not my first comment spammer... someone pimping for Munich (yep, the entire city is on the game, apparently) managed to link sliced mushrooms and a visit to Germany.

    Jen: Yep, sent my address. I suppose it is an indicator of an anti-social youth that this is the first and only trophy that I have ever received.

    Terry: Well, we'll be back in Toontown for late December, so we'll get our weather fix. It'll be like having a really really short winter.  

  5. Paul said...

    If by Toontown you mean Saskabush, I'll be there from 12/29 to 1/1. WRITE ME and you just might get a box of fine oriental chocolates for your troubles.  


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