It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Arr, and to honour that, the fine R:tAG and me set the sails of our vessel and steered to the Northern California Renaissance Faire, a'cause this were the Weekend o' the Pirate Invasion! Like at the landlubbery Garlic Festival, we were gobsmacked at the size of the fair(e) and the crowds, scupper me wi' a marlinspike else! Luckily though we've dropped anchor we still kept some fitting pirate duds, close-hauled in our many treasure chests, arr! So we blended in, paid for food at appropriate rates (piratical) and enjoyed the day. We were a trifle confused at the jousts (a plaguey daft way of settling fights, prancing around on horses... whip out yer blunderbuss and let the scurvy dog have it between the eyes, I say!) but after seeing the cove with the huge turquoise sombrero, and all the fairies with gauze wings, and the craze for putting animal ears on yer muffin cap, we decided that the whole concept of "period" was plainly as off-course as a sloop in a gale, belike.

Bugger me with a belaying pin, it's going to be hard going to stop talkin' like this. Arr!


  1. Suz said...

    I had high hopes yesterday morning as I was getting ready for work to speak like a pirate all through our manager's meeting that happens every Monday.

    And I am now sad as I am reminded that I didn't say Yarrr once yesterday.  

  2. Terry said...

    Completely off topic, but this was recently posted in my guild forum by one of the fellows from Detroit that you met at GenCon... Jen goes by the name 'Artemisia' on that forum.

    The most recent episode of X-Play on G4 had a sequence from this year's GenCon. For those unaware, X-Play is a video game review show, but they report from major gaming tradeshows and such, including GenCon.

    Some of the segment they produce each year for GenCon involves poking fun at the costumed attendees. So, as we watched the show the other day, who pops up, but Arte and her friend in their furry-hunter gear from the show floor.

    Adam Sessler (the host) must have asked some questions, but all they air is Arte's friend saying "We hunt teddy bears." They then cut the sequence to a kitchen scene and proceed to basically chop up 2 or 3 stuffed bears kitchen knives. Fake blood and spaghetti-like guts leaking everywhere.

    He goes on to say that he's got the episode Tivo'd, so we should be able to transfer it to PC and so on. Further updates as more information becomes available.  

  3. Anonymous said...

    "Bugger me with a belaying pin!" Amy, Amy!  


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