More Steampunk goodness, with the Handcar Regatta on September 26. It was really really hot, but we found that a nice Italian lunch with lemon gelato takes the edge off the heat quite nicely. In addition to the actual races* there were blocks of stalls with cool stuff** and food and even some DIY-type displays like Makers' Faire.

And then Mr. Tall visited for a bit, which was a pleasure as always. We'll get him to move down here yet! Unfortunately he was here only during the week, which meant we didn't get a chance to do anything very photogenic with him.***

Thanksgiving here is called "Columbus Day"**** and we spent it in part assembling our newest impulse buy.

It's a walking eye! It's a walking eye that makes compost! It's a walking eye that makes compost and was on sale! Irresistible! It's resting on six upturned caster wheels, so you can rotate it easily in any direction. It was actually kind of fun to put together... it arrived flat-packed, if you can imagine. I think I will have the opposite problem of trying to make compost in Saskatoon; it is harder to get brown material here than green. Difficult to believe right now especially, when I'm sure the lawns of Saskatoon are ankle deep in dead leaves.

* As you can tell from even a cursory examination of the photos, actual speed was not the only consideration in judging the winners. Artistic merit also factored heavily.

** I bought a parasol with tentacles on it, mainly out of self-defence. The sun was hot!

*** Drinking and watching RiffTrax Shorts is really of interest only to the participants, and only at the time.

**** This statement is not exactly true.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Hi! First off, that is a very cool composter!! Although not ideal, shredded newspaper can be used as your "brown". If you can get newspaper that uses vegetable based ink, that's even better. Love the costumes you two are wearing on your steampunk outings!
    Jennifer Woodcock  


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