• Inception was very, very good.
  • Black Dynamite was very, very good. It's like Lost Skeleton of Cadavra but with a higher budget and for a different genre. An absolutely spot-on... parody? Homage? Affectionate spoof?
  • The Expendables was pretty disappointing. If it was meant to be to 80's action films what Black Dynamite is to 70's blaxploitation films, I think it failed. It was no A-Team, anyway.
  • Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant was really unexpectedly good. Did that even make the theaters? I remember seeing a preview for it and then bang, it was in the Netflix queue. A pity, I really liked it and hope they make a sequel.
  • I do not recommend watching Inception, Franklyn and Re-Cycle within three days of each other either, and not just because I thought Re-Cycle had a pretty banal ending. You will start thinking disturbing thoughts about the nature of reality and end up not getting anything done.
We've been watching a lot of movies, haven't we? Never fear, we also did a short hike at Almaden Quicksilver County Park,* saw Cinematic Titanic live (um, does that count as a movie?), and saw Blondie and the B-52s at the Mountain Winery.**

Oh, and of course Uncle Baby Quinn and his cool pop were here for all-too-short a time on a motorcycle trip. We got up to SF to see the Asian Art Museum and the mandatory Fisherman's Wharf visit.

(the bottom picture is Quinn. Just in case of confusion).

I highly, highly recommend taking a ceramics expert with you on your visit to the Asian Art Museum. Quinn's Cool Pop made the visit about a million times more interesting (um, not that it's not an interesting museum. But having your own personal expert tour guide is great!)

And the picture-taking during all this activity raised a bunch of interesting questions thanks to my recent reading of Cognitive Surplus. At the Mountain Winery concert particularly, a sign said "No Professional Photography." What is professional these days, when literally anyone with an Internet connection has a "Publish" button?

That whole question might be another blog post, but I do highly recommend Cognitive Surplus and Here Comes Everybody, especially to those people who have read Blind Faith.*** I guarantee you will thoughtfully put the book down and say "Huh. Never thought about that," at least once.

* Motto: "Our wildlife is so full of mercury that you can tell the temperature by watching the snakes' heads bob up and down!"

** A very nice venue, and there's a restaurant up there that we'd like to try out. The view is amazing.

*** Well, at least if you found Blind Faith disturbing and dystopic, and want to be reassured of the good side of modern information technology.


  1. rilla said...

    Thanks for linking *Here Comes Everybody*. I've been racking my brain to remember what book we were talking about, but I think I was too spaced out to think clearly. Despite my lack of Hindu/Catholic wedding festivities.

    We went to see The Expendables on the week-end, and I may have a blog post in me about it. In brief, it was a movie version of any Jagged Alliance game, with about the same quality of dialogue. I enjoyed myself, but I was expecting more. Perhaps I need to see the A-Team.  

  2. neuba said...

    Loved-loved-loved Black Dynamite. We picked up the DVD a few months back and have watched it multiple times since then.

    I really need to watch Lost Skeleton again soon.

    Oh, and quite enjoyed Inception.  


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