Complete blogging fail! OK, point-form précis of the last, oh, month or so.

- Knitting Olympics DNF. "Languishing Projects Pentathlon" too ambitious. Only completed 2/5 projects (small ones). Buttons didn't arrive in time for Big Project #1, so it was completed but not on time. Small Project #3 also completed, not on time.* Big Project #2 never even left its bag.

- Swarm of house-guests. February apparently popular time to leave Canada. Once again Bne and Ferlak part of our Chinese New Year's Treasure Hunt team, with the lovely addition of The Girl. Won third place for team name ("Bright Lights, Big Kitty") and came in 25th of 111 teams for actual contest. Not bad! Raven arrived later, fun times and much eating.

- Current sewing project = the fourth Steampunk Airship uniform. Making the same thing four times is about my limit. Nova Albion ahoy!

- Very insightful discussion of the current healthcare megillah.

- Work continues. Gabriel's Theory amply borne out by observation.

- Not attending GDC. Oh well.

* Small Project #3 involved randomly placing beads, holes, and ruffles. I'm really not so good with random, to the point where apparently I get hysterical project blindness.



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