We're back from GenCon 2008, and I'm glad to be home in dry, cool(ish) weather.* We met up with Cenobyte, and QKv2.0, and Suz + Cheruby, and the Too Tall Guy, and Thunderhowl and Ferlak.** Here's a picture of most of them all together, too. R:tAG had to work through most of the con, but their game has gotten a lot of interest so yay!***

It was very fun. I bought some very pretty stuff, like a Shoggoth necklace complete with running victim:

And a Cthulhu necklace with a lovely piece of mother-of-pearl:

Pictures do not do them justice, especially with a cell-phone camera, but our real digital camera is on the fritz. They are handmade in silver by an artist from Quebec, and they're really lovely.

And we dressed up. Here is a photojournal of the Victorian Zombie experience:



And probably my favouritest pic of them all:

The little girl in the stroller would not stop laughing and smiling at us. Even when we told her we would eat her brains, her smile got wider and wider, and as her parents wheeled her off we heard a high-pitched little "om nom nom!" receding into the distance. Epic zombie fail!

More GenCon pictures here, more zombie pictures here. Good times. I didn't take enough pictures at the Steampunk Ball, though. Phoo. And a small child vomited on my luggage on the airplane home. But apart from that, good times!

* Though Indianapolis was actually pretty dry and cool for the time of year. Not like last year, when walking outside was like being slapped with a hot sweaty sock.

** My one intentional pic of Thunderhowl turned out terrible, and I have none of The Mysterious Ferlak at all.

*** And yes, he is going up to Toronto in two days for another convention. No, I don't know how he does it.


  1. Paul said...

    "...walking outside was like being slapped with a hot sweaty sock."

    Can I use this? It perfectly describes the past 6 weeks over here.  

  2. cenobyte said...

    You're lucky. I would rather have had littlekid puke than the crazy legs.

    Stupid forgetting to drink water on the plane...plaaaaaaanes...stupid swollen ankles. Stupid airlines. Stupid Expedia.  

  3. Amy said...

    Paul: Of course you can use it! I'm not even sure it's original to me...

    Cenobyte: You have more experience/tolerance with juvenile bodily fluids than I do. I'd rather have the crazy legs.  

  4. Big Score said...

    It's probably for the best that there aren't any good pictures of me what with the sweating and the heat-suffering and all.
    Thanks for trying though! :)
    Feel free to email me all the pictures you have. ^_^  


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