Long Time Passing

Long time, no post. Some stuff has been happening (with work) that is keeping me busy, not that that’s an excuse.

So, what to talk about? R:tAG’s sister and her two teenage sons were here for four days, which was great. We went down to Monterey, of course, then we left them to their own devices for a couple of days before joining them in The City * and going to the SF Zoo and the obligatory trip to Fisherman’s Wharf. I hadn’t been to the zoo before; it was mostly good except for a few very old** and dilapidated enclosures containing pacing, stressed animals. Those enclosures also didn’t have any kind of signage,*** which made me think that this was just temporary accommodations for the animals except normally zoos put up the cutesy “I’m waiting for my new home!” type of thing to reassure people that the animals are being taken care of. The only sign was one between two enclosures; a generic “Adopt a Zoo Animal” solicitation poster that gave the subtle impression that the animals were being held hostage. But maybe that’s just me.

Next Saturday we are going to Yuri’s Night and I’ve half a mind to wear my steampunk rig. Most of my costuming resources are not futuristic since the only sci-fi LARP I’ve done is Fading Suns, which is so futuristic that it’s gone ‘round the other side and become old-fashioned. So it’s either the steampunk apron, or a floor-length black vinyl coat**** and my other pair of goggles.

Speaking of steampunk (nice segue, eh?), this looks cool. With the T-shirt, apparently, you get a lil’ sample of their special steampunk scent described as “Burnished gold and oiled bronze notes with Abramelin incense and sage.” I’ve been circling Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs for ages now, virtually, but the shipping to Canada was prohibitive. But I finally realized I don’t live there any more (duuur!) so I ordered a six-pack sampler.

  • Frumious Bandersnatch (“Redolent of spicy carnations, wild plums and chrysanthemum”)
  • Crossroads (“A chill twilit garden of blooms over dry earth and mosses, heavily laden with incense and offertory herbs”)
  • Zombi (“Dried roses, rose leaf, Spanish moss, oakmoss and deep brown earth”)
  • Arkham (“Maple, birch, dogwood, cypress and pine softened by a garland of New England wildflowers: bergamot, columbine, rue anemone, blue violet, creeping phlox, bloodroot, toadflax, and pixie moss”)
  • Vicomte de Valmont (“Ambergris, white musk, white sandalwood, Spanish Moss, orange blossom, three mints, jasmine, rose geranium and a spike of rosemary”)
  • Kitsune-Tsuki (“Asian plum, orchid, daffodil, jasmine and white musk”)
And they sent me two freebies:
  • Cairo (“The essence of holy Kyphi”)
  • Lucy’s Kiss (“The gentle scent of rose and a blend of Victorian spices”)
My favourites are Arkham and Crossroads, though Zombi is really nice too. All the scents that involve roses seem to end up being very strongly ROSE! on me for the first while, but Crossroads and Zombi fade into something more interesting.***** The two plum-based ones are a lot sweeter than I expected. And I might just be suckered into the steampunk scent.

Mmmmm, smelliness. In a good way.

*”What, like Oakland is just a collection of houses?”
** They had plaques on them saying “Built in 1940.”
*** Luckily polar bears are difficult to mis-identify.
**** Bought at a steep discount after last Halloween.
***** R:tAG, that olfactory master, took a deep sniff of my wrist when I was wearing Crossroads, furrowed his brow, gazed into the distance, and finally said “I smell… flowers?”


  1. Big Score said...

    Yay! You got the link! I tried to leave it for you, but I think it got deleted, and so I sent it to cenobyte too since I was fairly confident that she would make sure you got to take a look at it.
    I'm glad you like the scents and other assorted coolness.  

  2. Carl said...

    Oakland is often called "The Town" to contrast it with San Francisco. San Jose, by far the largest of the three, is completely forgotten, as far as I can tell.  

  3. neuba said...

    Jeff & I did the Zoo when we visited the fall before last. I thought it was pretty good.

    Would love to visit again; just need to find time. So many new things happening.  

  4. Anonymous said...

    Speaking of steampunk indeed!

    Starwars Steampunk Action Figures  

  5. carla said...

    Hey! I have a site for my painting adventure and realized I do not have your email. . . . so here is the link.

    I want a beer all of the sudden and I blame you :) but in a good way.



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