You're a Hamburger

Work has taken a turn for the sucky. I didn’t get home much before 9:30 PM on any night last week, mainly because some mouth-breathing fellaheen in Cairo took a backhoe to a major fiberoptic trunk or something and knocked out computer communication between us and our Bangalore office. Lo, the wonders of a global economy. And R:tAG got a promotion, which is marvelous and exciting of course, but which has also meant longer hours for him.

So we’ve eaten fast food for almost every meal for a week, and I feel like the Coles’ Notes version of Supersize Me. * The fridge contains nothing but beer and a couple of condiment bottles. And here it is, Monday again, with no foreseeable change in that situation.


So next weekend, assuming we both don’t die of scurvy or pellagra or beriberi or something, we’re going to the Gilded Age Tea, which means a new dress for me and a really big hat, whee! This is how I’ve been spending the spare minutes that I have. Pix to follow, and by the way the dress dummy is turning out to be a valuable tool in the sewing room especially since I appear to be constitutionally incapable of following directions as written.** I might have to make another one but taking more care and using proper materials.

Here are some random amusing links:

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The Perils of Pantorexia (this is "pants" in the British sense, not the North American one)
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* Though strangely, the healthiest thing I ate was an Asian grilled chicken salad from MacDonald’s.

** I already knew this about knitting, but it turns out it's true of sewing also, which means I’m doing a lot of experimentation by draping, and that’s much, much easier on a dress dummy if one is not unnaturally bendy. Which I am not.


  1. Terry said...

    Is this the same Amy that I could always get to choose a lunch spot by threatening her with McDonalds? My, how you have changed.

    Grats to Randy! I heard he's now designing miniatures or something. ;) Can't wait to hear the details once it's cleared.  

  2. Amy said...

    It was Randy that picked McDonald's! I just made the best of the situation.  

  3. Steve said...


    While wasting time at work (because I'm not stupidly busy right now :-) I stumbled across some rather impressive photos I figured you might like, based on Unhallowed Metropolis. I don't think that it's quite steampunk, but still thought it might interest you.


  4. cenobyte said...

    Little Savages reminded me of a blog post I read recently of My girlfriend doing bug porn.

    Yes. You read that sentence right.  


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