Whee! We're real Californians now!

We, and all of our possessions, are fine; the house shook for about 10 seconds and everything rattled on the shelves. Apparently, if you were in a place (like a shop) with plate glass windows, the quake was strong enough that the glass actually rolled; like a wave traveling through the glass. That would be interesting, if rather nerve-wracking, to see.

I have shame because we are totally unprepared for Hallowe'en this year - not even a pumpkin. We did manage to remember to get a bag of candy from the drug store, so we won't be reduced to giving out packets of take-out soy sauce to the little ones, but I'm not sure if we'll be home early enough to see the majority of the trick-or-treaters.

A friend from R:tAG's work had a Hallowe'en part last Saturday, which was fun though we ended up watching Feast which I could have lived happily without ever seeing. I kind of wussed out for a costume; I just wore the Steampunk outfit (the apron one, not the red velvet coat; it's still warm here) instead of making something new. I have a great idea for a Kali costume, though I idly wonder how offensive that would be to the average Hindu. Mind you, there's nothing new there.

Here are some Hallowe'en links!

Fantastic Entree

Fantastic Cupcakes - and links to other spooky food too
Fantastic Project
Solstice Wreath - OK, a little early.

Edited to Add: We did get a pumpkin! R:tAG's workplace had a punkin-carving contest (and I hope he posts pix - some were awesome) and there were a couple left over when I went to pick him up. So I grabbed one and did some hasty jack-o-lanterning:

We only got two trick-or-treaters, though; it seems like no-one goes out after dark (which happens around 6:30 now; don't even get me started about Daylight Savings Time and the gummint's mucking about with it). Luckily, we anticipated this by buying candy that we like. None of those horrid little wax-paper-wrapped molasses chewy things for us!


  1. Paul said...

    Ah, good we've got that over with! Our quake detector is the frypans hanging in the kitchen - just a little bit of shaking will bang them together. I also got a stone-simple quake cutoff for the power, I'll send you a photo separately.  

  2. chad said...

    Apparently, I fail embedding.



  3. cenobyte said...

    We gave out Christmas oranges and Play-Doh™ this year. I finally felt guilty enough about giving out sugary crap that I buckled and didn't even apologise once.

    And, in fact, I had kids clamoring at the door asking for more oranges (and not more Play-Doh™). That did me little heart good, I tell yeh.

    It makes eating the leftover Hallwe'enie Beanie treats both more enjoyable, and far, far less enjoyable, although the sticker *does say* that Play-Doh™ is non-toxic.

    But in the words of a gamer I knew, "Just because it says it's non-toxic doesn't mean the model paint is good to drink."  

  4. Amy said...

    Hey, Chad, I'll see your links and raise you this  

  5. Joe (Freelancer5) said...

    heh, Jesus costumes funny. All I could think of was it would be cool if someone did it and got all thier friends to be Romans.

    Take that Gencon Starwars Squad!

    Then, you could walk around and say stuff like "the power of christ compels you" hehe. To much fun.  

  6. Suz said...

    It's almost been three weeks! It's almost December! What's going on? Where's my Amy fix?  

  7. Zena said...

    DST sucks!  


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