So, R:tAG’s X-rays show nothing wrong with the spine (yay!) and the physiotherapist says it’s “innominate pelvic shear” or something like that (R:tAG didn’t hear him quite right and I wasn’t there*). The important bit is that it’s a fairly common thing, there’s a standard series of exercises to do, it can happen to almost anyone, anytime** and R:tAG is getting better each day and ought to be able to go to work on Monday. This is a huge relief. R:tAG will have to go for physio twice a week for the next while, but the clinic is fairly close by and he says even this single therapy session helped noticeably. Double yay!

And it’s Mystery Stole Friday and Clue #4 has just been posted! Triple yay!

Here’s the progress after Clue 2, with half-assed pinning-out (that's causing the scalloped edges):

Mystery Stole Clue 2

And Clue 3 with no pinning out:

Mystery Stole Clue 3
These pictures make the yarn look lighter than it is, and don't show the beads very well. When it's done, I'll have to actually make an effort to figure out the camera settings and get better lighting.

At this point, according to the author, it’s 1/3 done. So I have to decide whether that’s going to be long enough…lace is tricksy before it’s blocked but it seems short-ish right now (the above picture has some foreshortening happening but it's still pretty stubby). She gives directions for lengthening it in 11” increments, which is a fair bit but I guess that’s the shortest repeat for the border and the centre to get back in synch. I’ll have to do a quick on-the-needles blocking, measure it properly, and see how an extra 11” would affect the proportions. I don’t want it looking too skinny, or be so long that I'll pull an Isadora Duncan.

* The clinic happens to be near my favourite LYS. Hey, what was I supposed to do, just sit yarn-less in a waiting room? I don’t think so! And besides, I had to go back there because I'd bought some sale yarn there and then changed my mind about what I was going to do with it, so I needed two more skeins, which I found out was exactly the amount they had left. So obviously that was the right thing to do.

** The physiotherapist said that one of his patients had had this happen just by shifting his weight in a chair during a long meeting. Eek! We’re such fragile bags of thinking water…


  1. Siochain said...

    Hee. Sounds dirty. RtaG, you naughty monkey.
    P.S. Unless you have a strong constitution, do not look this up under Google images. I was looking at some fairly nasty pelvic crush injury x-rays... Almost makes me want to re-think the motorcycle idea.
    Get better soon, RtaG. Nice stole, Miss.  

  2. Terry said...

    If it helps any, I was hanging Christmas lights back in... 2004ish? (Oh, how the time flies) During that, suddenly there was a tightness in my back and down I went. While perhaps not as extreme as Randy, I was in such agony I couldn't lift myself from the floor. (Scary when you think you could've been at home alone.) Anyway, the point of the post is that it improved by a day or two later, and I have had no back issues at all since. Just one of those freak things.  

  3. Health Yatra said...

    That was a VERY interesting one! Seriously interesting.  


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