Love is all you need

Well, the Yarn Harlot said something about that better than I could. In particular:

I personally am way, way more turned on and reassured about Joe's love when he cleans the bathroom than I am when he brings me flowers. Don't get me wrong buckaroos, I love the flowers, but they would be an entirely hollow gesture if the dude wasn't coming to bed smelling a little like Vim once in a while. A beautiful card would mean little to me if Joe were not an equal partner in parenting, and chocolates would taste a little off if they were given to me while I was felt I was being denied proper support for my career and education within our loving relationship.
But read the whole thing. I’m all for Valentine’s being a celebration of general love, not specific Hallmark measured-in-dollars love.

We’re having a sweets potluck at work today*, and I realized how much I’ve grown as a person. All of the many written references to this event have been to the “desert” potluck, and here I am not dressed in an abaya and handing around stuffed dates.


Recycle Your Heart
- My favourite is this.

Robot Valentines
- I gave the one at 6 o'clock to R:tAG. He gave me a little three-dimensional card that he had folded after I’d gone to sleep last night. That was the extent of our Valentine’s celebration, ‘cause every day is Valentine’s Day with R:tAG.

Anti-Valentines - just to provide balance.

Nine Key Points about Nutrition

Steampunk Costuming
- I should start thinking about GenCon costumes. Oh, oh, oh, I didn’t mention, did I? We’re going to GenCon, and Cenobyte’s coming too! I am wiggly with excitement! Y’all should come too! Squeee!

* I’m using up some of my Meyer lemons for my contribution with this recipe for Meyer Lemon Bites. They’re pretty good, though I had to tinker a bit (added water to the crust, doubled the amount of zest in the filling, didn’t bake them as long as indicated).


  1. Steve said...

    Silly question. Have you tried lemon sorbet with your excess Meyers? It probably my favorite use of excess lemon.  


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