I bought boots. I think, if I’m not careful, that I could really go overboard with the boots.

I also got my eyes checked for the first time in five years* and everything’s fine, though that air-puff glaucoma test still freaks me right the hell out**. At least the pupil-dilation drops aren’t as bad in a California winter (gray and rainy) as they are in a Saskatchewan winter (sunny and BRIGHT! STABBY! BLINDING! SNOW!). New non-nineties glasses frames are on the way.***

Maybe I’ll get a haircut too, just to complete the transformation. I’m in an experimental, vaguely dissatisfied mood****, and my current “hairstyle” is just the old one grown out and starting to resemble a mullet. Not good. Maybe colour. I kinda miss the dark purple.

Good links:

Waylaka- I thought this was very interesting. I’ve been after my dance instructor to please please please correct me if I’m doing something wrong… that I’m wearing my big girl pants and I can deal with it. I don’t know if it’s her, or dancers, or California, or the US, or the 21st century, or what, but this universal reluctance to criticize is starting to bother me. How else do you learn? I also noticed that this author doesn't mention the Quechua masculine equivalent... interesting if this idea of high expectations is mainly feminine in the Chinchero community, since I see the whole delicate-flower-don't-say-anything-critical thing as associated with women here.

Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting - This is SO COOL!

I Survived my Internet Vacation - Haw!

* And the only reason I even know how long it’s been is that I got my first-ever prescription sunglasses then, and that Christmas we left town to see my folks, and our cars got broken into in our absence, and my almost-brand-new sunglasses got stolen (who the hell steals prescription sunglasses?), and we got the news at my parents’ place after we returned from seeing “The Fellowship of the Ring” and that night R:tAG had dreams about hobbits stealing our stuff. And TFotR came out in 2001. Elementary, my dear Watson!

** From the “It’s a small world” department… the eye doctor was doing the standard “Can you read the letters on the first line?” thing. I read out “D, E, Z…” gave the Canadian pronunciation of “Z” and corrected myself. The doctor said “That’s OK, I’m from Edmonton.”

*** Seems like lenses are getting even smaller. I picture the fashion eventually as being actual contact lenses held with wires in the exact right spot in front of your pupils.

**** Just to be clear, only in the most superficial way. Life is good. It’s more of a general restlessness, which I wish I could channel into something productive like, say, cleaning.


  1. Carl Norum said...

    My footwear wardrobe includes boots almost exclusively. As some anonymous person said someplace on the internet some indeterminate time ago, "My mother always said you may buy your dress at the $10 dress store, but you must wear the superfantastic shoes."  

  2. rilla said...

    You made me look like a freak at work because I laughed rather loudly at Randy's dream about hobbitses stealing your stuff. Filthy hobbitses. They're tricksy.  

  3. Cori said...

    I want those fluvog. Wow.  


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