This is Halloween

Yay favourite holiday! Yay seeing much-missed friends!

Some spoooooky links:

Told After Supper by Jerome K. Jerome, for my money one of the funniest writers ever*. You have to scroll down past all the Project Gutenberg boilerplate, but sooooo worth it. It is of passing curiosity that since the American-style Halloween is a fairly recent innovation in England, Christmas Eve is the traditional time to tell ghost stories there.

Good old fashioned nightmare fuel
- I have no idea who did this or why, it was in a Wired blog. But, damn. This just gets more and more horrifying the more you look at it.

Cephalopod at the Seashore - From the same blog, but this one is credited to Ray Caesar. Unlike the first image, this is unsettling but not disturbing, if that makes sense.

Faerie - Again, uncredited but pretty, from the same blog. I like this blog. I wonder if John Brownlee, who writes most of the posts, is the same one who was involved in the Shared Universe a long long time ago? The post is worth reading in its entirety; it involves mathematically disproving vampires. Of course any VtMmer worth his or her salt will recognize the fundamental error in the logic.

Really really, REALLY scary.

See y'all (well, most of y'all) soon!

* If you haven't read Three Men in a Boat I urge you to do so immediately. I'd say buy a copy, but there are on-line versions as well if reading from a screen doesn't make your eyes sad.


  1. rilla said...

    I really love that cephalopod picture. It's an odd combination of femininity and the grotesque. Very cool. I espcially like the little bloomers on every tentacle.  

  2. neuba said...

    Don't forget your swimming suit if you want a little hot-tub action, late Saturday night.  

  3. cenobyte said...

    I love the bloomer-clad tentacles, also, and didn't find it in the least disturbing. Aside from all of those bald white guys looking a little like Buttery Bee when he's in his cups, I didn't find that disturbing, either. But then, people with pod-like appendages and sharp teeth have never really bothered me. Some of them are very good friends.

    The cheerleader thing, though, is an entirely differently coloured horse. Gah.  


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