So yeah, y'all win. I've gotten tired of cutting and pasting endless text in endless e-mails. This was partly inspired by another blogger quitting, actually, saying that she didn't like the fact that so many people only knew what was happening to her through her blog. I realized that that was exactly what I wanted, seeing as how I'm now far away from most of the people who care.

So this will never be a venue for really personal revelations; if you know me at all, you'll know I'm not about that. :) And I've never ever understood why bloggers post intimate stuff and then get all shocked that people ==gasp== read it. If you don't want people to form opinions of you based on what you write, well, don't publish your writings.

Because I'm fundamentally a very, very lazy person, this is mainly a way to keep from having to write tons of e-mails but still keep a thread of communication open between me and those who (despite my laziness) I still do think of as friends. Even the impersonal one-sided peephole of a blog is better than nothing, right?



  1. Allan Schnell said...

    Amy I for one will be more than happy to have only this little bit of you if this all I can have. I wish you well and hope that I do get to see you and Randy as much as I possibly can.

    Always thinking of you

    Allan Schnell  


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